Jade Construction specialise in providing tailored solutions to manage stormwater and address damp issues for properties in Abergavenny and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to prevent further water damage, improve property conditions, and ensure long-term structural integrity.

Here’s a detailed overview of our services:

Attenuation Systems

Purpose-built Attenuation systems are designed to slow down and control the flow of stormwater away from your property, preventing immediate runoff that can lead to flooding and dampness.

Benefits of this system:

  • Controlled Release; Attenuation systems temporarily store large volumes of water during heavy rainfall and release it slowly into the drainage system. This prevents local drains from being overwhelmed and reduces the risk of water pooling around your property.
  • Flood Prevention; By managing the release rate of water, these systems help prevent flash floods that can lead to water seeping into your foundations or basement.
  • Flexible Storage Solutions; Attenuation tanks or ponds can be installed underground or on the surface, depending on your property’s layout and space availability.

Soakaway Systems

Purpose built soakaway systems are designed to dispose of stormwater by allowing it to naturally percolate into the ground, thereby reducing surface water runoff and recharging groundwater levels. 

Benefits of this system:  

  • Soakaway systems significantly reduce the amount of surface water around your property by allowing it to infiltrate the soil. This helps prevent water from accumulating near the foundation, which can cause damp issues particularly in older properties.
  • By facilitating the natural infiltration of water, soakaway systems help maintain the local water table, benefiting the surrounding environment.
  • These systems are relatively simple and cost-effective. They typically involve digging a pit filled with rubble or other porous materials to facilitate water infiltration.

A little more information about the process:

  • Our experienced surveyors at Jade Construction will conduct a thorough assessment of your property’s current drainage system, soil permeability, and potential water flow paths.
  • We will design an appropriate system that might include both attenuation and soakaway components. Our designs consider your property’s layout, local climate, and rainfall patterns.
  • We install attenuation tanks or basins in suitable locations to capture and store rainwater, ensuring these systems are connected to controlled outlets that release water at a manageable rate.
  • We dig soakaway pits at strategic locations around your property, filling them with coarse materials like rubble, gravel, or specialist soakaway crates to facilitate water infiltration.
  • Post installation, we offer regular inspections and maintenance contracts for both attenuation and soakaway systems. These are crucial to ensure they are functioning correctly.

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